Angelic SPARKS

Angel statueDo you believe in angels? I whole-heartedly believe in angels and guardian angels. Life is so much bigger than what we can see; the universe is vast. And I figure… if I believe in God, then angels are a packaged deal, right? Some of my friends think I’m crazy, but I trust that if you open yourself up to the idea, then angels will present themselves in many ways. Angels indeed walk among us, yet not like you or me… they are spiritual beings and can be everywhere at once. Yep, I believe in angels, spirits, and guides (better known as guardian angels). Angels are a gift from God to help us navigate through this world. They are God’s messengers… God’s army… God’s humble servants.

Angels are with us here on earth. If you accept this fact, then talk to your angels just like you could, would, or may already talk to God. Ask your angels for help. Talk to them directly and ask them for specific assistance. Ask. Believe. Receive. God blessed us with free will, so angels cannot step in unless we make a request. Ask for help with your journey, your struggles, and your transformation. Ask for help with your life lessons (work, marriage, relationships, goals, health, etc.). “Dear God, please send me 10,000 angels today. Allow them to assist me in being a better ___________. Help me to show love and compassion…” Tweak your prayer request to whatever you need that particular day. Say this out loud and it will happen. You’re praying to God to send you angels… not necessarily praying to angels.

Let Go & Let GodAsk God for hundreds, thousands, or even millions of angels. Ask for yourself and ask for others. I talk to God every weekday when I walk the six city blocks into work. Yes, I’m sure anyone who hears me may think I’m crazy. But, hey… it works for me. Ha! Then on the weekends, in the morning while I meditate, I talk to God then too. Each time I pray, I ask for angels to assist me.

But most of all, I ask God to send angels to others…

“Dear Lord, please send 50,000 angels to my loved ones. Please keep everyone safe. Let them know how much they are loved by me and above all how much they are loved by You. Enable them to feel the love, light, and positive energy I send today. Allow everyone to be the best possible version of themselves they can be today and always, thank you. In your heavenly name I pray; Let your will be done, Amen.” That is generally my prayer for my family and friends… a little different for each, but that gives you the gist. The prayer for my enemies is nearly identical except I replace loved ones with “those known and unknown to me who hate me, despise me, or wish to do me harm.”

angel LOVEIt was actually my life coach who taught me about angels and pretty much told me everything I’ve shared with you here. I wasn’t really all that sure what I thought about everything he told me about angels, but back in the fall of 2011 I had this “career make/break” presentation to deliver (remember, I’m a corporate trainer by career). The owner and the top three men in our company were scheduled to participate. These men had never, ever attended one of my training classes. Talk about intimidated.

WOW, I was soooooooooooooo nervous, so I decided to give this whole “ask angels for assistance” thing a try. Couldn’t hurt, right? My boss and boss’s boss were in attendance too as well as other members of upper-level management; about 50 people in total were in the room. I prayed that morning (again, out loud), “Dear God, please send me 1 million angels. I ask that they surround me, providing me poise, eloquence of delivery, and may I exude professionalism. Please enable me to find my words effortlessly and react to any participant responses with ease and grace. I ask that you Lord take away my worries and nervousness and allow my talent to shine. Amen.”

I will have you know it was the best public speaking I’ve delivered in my life (to date). Afterward my boss’s boss came up to me, “WOW, Renae. That is the best I’ve ever seen you. I mean… You were so eloquent, so professional, and more poised than I’ve EVER seen you. Congrats!! You really did a PHENOMENAL job. You should be proud.” It felt good to hear her praise. I was thankful… then it hit me. Wait a minute?!?! Oh, MY… those were the EXACT same adjectives I used in my prayer. WOW. God was listening… the angels were there with me. I’m forever a believer based on that one experience. Remember, you can send angels to others, I send them to my Candy Coated Reality followers all the time, but just like in most things… if you ask for yourself… help yourself… it has more power!!!

CALM CALL AngelsTry it:  When facing each day, ask for 10,000 angels to walk with you, beside you, surround you, and to support you. Anything is possible with your army of angels, right? On an incredibly challenging day, then ask for even more angels. Ask for a MILLION if that is what you need. Ask for angels to walk along side your family members, friends, and don’t forget your enemies. Ask that angels shine their light of protection upon each and every one of them, ask that angels illuminate their divine intention, and allow them to be the best possible version of themselves they can be that day. Repeat as often as you need; daily is recommended!

And… I’m a little scared to admit this, but one night I even heard and felt my guardian angel. Yes, it could have been God, but I have a feeling it was my guardian angel. Last October, I was staying with my dear friend, Nikki, in Atlanta. We had been on our feet morning, noon, and night at a conference and I was exhausted. That night I couldn’t sleep (it wasn’t my bed, the mattress was too firm, the day had been crazy, my mind was racing from all I had learned and experienced that day, and more), but I had an 8-hour drive ahead of me the next morning; I needed to SLEEP and there I was tossing and turning.

angel-by-your-sideOut of nowhere, I felt a hand on my shoulder, and a warm, comforting sensation enveloped my body. In that moment, all anxiety, worry, and ickiness left me. Poof. Gone. The bedroom door was shut; no one else was physically in the room with me. I was not frightened; the opposite was true in fact. At the same time I felt the hand on my shoulder, I heard a male voice I did not recognize say the word “sleep” in a very calm and soothing tone. I said ok, smiled, rolled over, and fell into a deep sleep instantly. Yes, I believe that was my guardian angel. I look forward to other miracles that I may witness or feel as a result of God and His angels in my lifetime!!!

Now that I’ve opened myself up to the idea of angels and talk to them daily (although it is rare I ever actually HEAR any responses), they are making themselves more and more apparent in my life. On another occasion, I asked my angels to ACTUALLY show themselves to me. I’ve been told that angels show up as orbs (round circles of light) in photographs and then as twinkling sparkles in person. We are all energy… simply in different forms, so these orbs and sparkles are how angels use/show their energy. Unless of course, you’re clairvoyant then you can see the actual physical being of an angel, but I’m not clairvoyant, so sparks is the best I can do.

Ask. Believe. ReceiveOn this particular night, I was in bed… about to drift off to sleep… when I asked, “Angels, please show yourselves to me. I believe you walk with me every day, protecting me, and offering me guidance and assisting me in living my divine intention.” Next thing you know… about a dozen twinkling white lights appeared at the foot of my bed (at about eye level, if I were standing). I was scared, even though this was exactly what I had asked for, so I closed my eyes. Yet, I could STILL see the lights. I took a deep breath and said, “Ok. Thank you. I see you!!” Then the lights went away. I’m sure the angels probably felt my fear. It was an amazing experience; one I hope everyone gets to see one day!

Last week, I met with my life coach again. He said out of the blue, “Your writing is covered in angelic sparks. God is assisting you with your writing and angels are definitely influencing what you write and when. Candy Coated Reality suits you… and I love it.” If you read my previous post, Shine a Light, then you know… Every time I sit down to write, I meditate and then pray to God asking Him to allow me to be His vessel… allow me to deliver a word, phrase or message from Him that would save someone, enlighten, inspire or give hope.”  I envision God’s fingertips at the keyboard and not mine. It brought me great comfort to hear my life coach tell me he saw angel sparks all over my writing. It appears God really is at the keyboard!! Thank you, God!! Thank you, angels!!

TryGo ahead… if you don’t already… Talk to your angels. Ask God to send them to you, assist you, guide you, and protect you. Give it a try. What can it hurt? Sit back… and watch the Angelic SPARKS fly!!!

© Renae Rossman and Candy Coated Reality™

35 thoughts on “Angelic SPARKS

  1. In the Bible angels are “messengers”. Maybe the most famous one is Gabriel who appeared to Mary and promised a child, even though she “knew no man”. There are others dotted about in both the Old and New Testament, although I reckon the powers of one angel alone may be well beyond what we need in the here and now. I guess if I were to need an angel I would pray that the Holy Spirit would supply one, but then again they appear to those in need without even being requested, more than once in Genesis. I know Billy Graham once wrote a book called “Angels” although I’ve not read it. Good topic to discuss nonetheless.

    • Peter, that is a very good question… and one I’ve pondered since your comment. The only thing I can come up with is… I really don’t NEED so many angels. I WANT them. Perhaps I’m selfish and really just want too many? When angels are near me I feel love surrounding me like a lovely, reassuring bear hug. In my mind, there is a great power in numbers… so maybe that is why I ask for so many. I still really do not know the answer, but I’m grateful that you asked and got me thinking about it. Sending you love and light!! God bless 😉

  2. After reading this on the 29th, I couldn’t decide wether or not to tell you how my day went on the 30th…but I’m back, because I want you to know you are truly inspiring others….so after I read this post of yours, I sat on my couch and prayed for millions of angels to follow all my loved ones, especially my lost son, and as an after thought, I said something like, “And Jesus, if you don’t mind, I could use a few myself, just 9 or 10, you know why” etc, and finished up my prayer. The next day, my phone was returned to me, after having lost it for days, money was deposited in my bank account by unemployment after they had denied me…, saving me just in time before things started bouncing…lol….and I clearly thought someone was going to hit me while driving, but they came to a screeching halt just one second before hitting me, AND the parking lot Angel gave me TWO front row spots, TWO, each at different locations….and I am JOKING WITH GOD when I have asked for the “Parkinglot Angel” to pop in…lmao….but I also know God has a great sense of humor, SO THERE YA GO!!! 5 times Angels that I know of showed up! Of course it could’ve took the combined effort of many Angels to stop the truck before it hit me….lol….TOTALLY blew my mind. I have prayed for Michael to watch over my son repeatedly, but he’s really the only Angel I have ever asked for, but it makes my heart rest easy knowing Michael is guarding him, and I know he is. It just never occurred to me to ask for others. SO thank you, sweet child of God, even just the idea of it hadn’t sunk in before, but I can tell you for sure, I will include them in my prayers, because it doesn’t take a truck hitting me to make me learn….lol Keep Shining!!!! 🙂

    • Oh, how I LOVE reading this testament of your faith in God and angels 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing!! I’m so grateful you had the courage to share your personal experience with me and other Candy Coated Reality readers!! YOU ROCK!! May God continue to bless you and yours!! Thank you, xo!!

  3. Wonderful posting Renae! I`m glad to read that you`re being guarded by lot`s of angels. 🙂 As for me I always believed that I have one; My best friend I lost many years ago. I feel she`s always watching over me. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story.

    • Sweetheart, I’m sure you have more than one, yet I’m confident your best friend walks by your side daily!! Thank you for always returning to read Candy Coated Reality!! You’re a treasured gem!! May God bless you, always!! xo

  4. This was exactly what I needed at this moment in time. Thank you so much for sharing this. i too, have a deep & meaningful relationship with God and I also speak to angels, my spirit guides, and even elders on a regular basis. I’ve seen the sparkles that you mention here and the outline of angel wings filling the room. This truly made me feel hopeful about my own website, because it has been giving me trouble and worries lately. Knowing that I always have spiritual help & guidance makes me feel loved and cared for.

    • Thank you, Laurali for your kind words of encouragement and support!! I’m incredibly grateful for you!! You are indeed loved and cared for.. I’m delighted you find comfort in this fact!! May God bless you and yours, always!! xo

  5. Great post. I can relate. I started experiencing Angels at the age of seven. I saw one at 19. Not what I expected to see. The corner of my room was filled with white light while it spoke to me. They speak loudly when I’m in danger but only I can hear. And yes, people usually look at me like I’m not connecting all my dots. You can’t convince someone who hasn’t experienced them. I have dozens of books filled with Angelic experiences. The people who wrote them can’t all be missing those dots. Yes, Angels are always with you but they decide how many you need for each job. I wish I had your courage to write more about it. Sent my story to “Angels on Earth Magazine”. Guess it wasn’t up to standards. I’ll rewrite and try again.

  6. I believe in angels, too – and don’t find it weird at all that an angel touched you on the shoulder and spoke to you. Yes, they are all around. You said it well, “Life is so much bigger than what we can see…”

    • Thanks, Jan!! At first I found it so weird… but then my life coach assured me that once I open myself up to angels… they will indeed present themselves more and more! I’m now comforted by angelic experiences rather than startled!! xoxoxo

  7. I believe in God, angels and spirits and that they are always with us. My mom has been gone for 4 years but I know she is with me a lot. She left me a dime when I asked her to a few months after she died because my 2 year old daughter kept pointing to places and saying Grandmom. I found little piles of coins in my daughter’s room shortly after I found the dime. The piles were all in places a 2 year old couldn’t get to. I smelled my mom’s powder so strongly one night and have felt her sit at the end of my bed. I’ve felt my mom’s presence, her love. One night about 2 weeks ago I walked into my office to grab something. Lights were off and so was my computer. As I walked to the desk the screen on my laptop and my larger screen lit up for just a moment and then darkened again. I moved the mouse – nothing. Once we caught what we believe is my daughter’s guardian angel in a picture with her. It’s amazing. Yes, i believe. Thank you for sharing.

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