Angels Among Us

God created His faithful army of angels to assist us; however, God also gave humankind free-will. So no angel (guardian, angel, archangel, or otherwise) can step in to help us without our permission. We must specifically request their help before they can act. In essence, we willingly give up a bit of our free-will, in order for the angel(s) to share their strength and divine guidance.

This request can be as simple as 1… 2… 3.

  1. Angels, please help me!
  2. Help me NOW!
  3. Thank you!!

I’ve written about angels before (read more here:… “Angels Among Us” is a bit different than my 2013 blog post as this post focuses more on Archangels and their presence in my life.

It has become very common for me to interact with angels on a daily basis. Below are some examples of ways I’ve asked Archangels to make their presence known in my life and in doing so, asked them to share their expertise with me and my loved ones.

Archangel Michael: Leader of all the angels (angel of protection); his color is blue. I will ask, “Archangel Michael, please surround me in your blue light of protection. Please provide me strength, protection, and guidance. In God’s Holy name. Thank you.”

Sometimes, I ask him specific things, “Archangel Michael, please surround my home in your blue light of protection. Please ensure our home remains safe at all times, but particularly during this storm. I also ask that our power remains on as well. In God’s Holy name. Thank you.”

In the picture below, do you see this giant orb behind me? That is when I asked Archangel Michael to protect me while attending a local ghost tour. In this particular experience, I was scared out of my mind because I heard stories of how the spirit of murder victims could/would follow you home from Bobby Mackey’s (one particularly eerie stop along the tour). Yeah. No!! No thanks. LOL!!

On the tour, we had these ghost-radar-contraption-things we could randomly point into the air. The radar would beep to indicate a ghost or spirit was nearby. These beeps could be soft or loud… frequent or infrequent… depending on the strength of the presence. When we arrived at Bobby Mackey’s my radar was beeping like crazy: LOUD and CONSTANT!!! I kept turning it down because it was off the charts.

There was only one other radar like mine and the person who had it in our group was upset that her’s was not working like mine. She figured it was broken, so… we switched. The tour guide was standing there witnessing this exchange. Once her radar was in my hand, the radar started beeping emphatically. The woman holding my old radar was again discouraged that my old radar was silent in her hands. We looked at each other baffled.

The tour guide chimed in, “Something is following you. **pointing to me** Okay. I want you to turn quickly, point your radar behind you, and then you ** pointing to the woman holding my old radar** take a picture of where she is pointing her radar.” Low and behold… Everyone gasp in disbelief to see this larger-than-life orb appear behind me that was filled with vibrant colors. VOILA!! I knew instinctively, in that moment, that it was Archangel Michael protecting me (as I had requested).

And in the picture below, do you see the faint orb to my right while I shot a 9mm pistol for the very first time? That is also an angel I asked to go with me to the shooting range. My best guess is this was my guardian angel because the light/energy is not as bright as the one above of Archangel Michael.

Archangel Raphael: Angel of divine healing; his color is green. I will ask, “Archangel Raphael, please surround me in your green light of divine healing. Please allow your healing green light to provide immediate health. In God’s Holy name. Thank you.”

As a side note: It also helps to wear the archangel’s colors when you’re sick. Stock up on green comfy clothes, sheets, blankets… wrap yourself in Raphael’s healing powers.

Archangel Gabriel: Angel of revelation (communication); his color is white. I will ask, “Archangel Gabriel, please surround me in your white color.  Please allow your white light to provide me clarity in speaking; enable those I’m communicating with to understand the message(s) I’m delivering. In God’s Holy name. Thank you.”

I’ve also request assistance for my loved ones and even complete strangers. Whenever I drive by a vehicle stopped on the side of the road, an ambulance drives by me, or I see a homeless person… or the like… I always say a quick request that angels assist the person(s) in need. It is my belief that angels can/will take human form in order to assist us when there is a dire need. In the hope/belief/faith that my request helps, I call out to the angels instantaneously without thought or hesitation.

Most recently, an Archangel visited me (for the first time) as I drifted off to sleep… on Saturday March 3, 2018. How do I know this? I saw a bright yellow light with streaks of orange flowing throughout… the color was extremely vivid and very fluid in movement. Nothing about this experience was scary. It was quite the opposite… calming and comforting.

For weeks, I thought it was Archangel Jophiel, angel of beauty, who visited; her color is yellow. Upon further research, I now think it may have actually been Archangel Uriel, angel of wisdom, since fire is often associated with him. The color I saw reminded me of a crackling fire (without any smoke). Maybe it was both of them? I’m not sure…

For me, (as you can tell) recognizing angels in my life is more of an art than a science; for I don’t see them in any recognizable form (like a human shape). Angels are energy. God’s angels are light (on the flip side, Lucifer’s demons are darkness). When it comes to angels, Archangels are the most powerful; therefore, comprised of the most energy and the brightest light in comparison to other angels.

In my experience, any time angels have appeared to me, it has been in the form of energy, color, and/or light. Generally, angels appear in photos and videos. On the rare occasion, they show themselves to my naked eye in the form of a color or sparkle of energy. It is up to my interpretation as to who was there and what their intention was to make their presence known to me. Again, an art… not a science.

How have angels made their existence known in your life?

© Renae Rossman and Candy Coated Reality™

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