Notes to My Daughter

One day, sweet little one, I will not be on this earth to guide you, yet my love for you will stand the test of time and space (for my love will ALWAYS be with you).

I pray you heed these words and let them be a pillar of truth to light your way through life. This is merely a starting point… and in no particular order of significance or importance… you will add to this list throughout your life…

  1. Know your worth

(You are worthy because you were born!! You’re priceless. If a person or situation is not up to your standards, then walk away… know your value and accept nothing less than what you are worth)


  1. Respect and love yourself

(Others will follow your lead; remember, you teach others how to treat you. How can you expect love and respect from others if you do not give it to yourself first?)


  1. Make decisions wisely

(Every action has an equal reaction/consequence – you and only you are responsible for your actions)


  1. Always put yourself first

(This does not mean be selfish and self-centered. This means take care of you first; you can only truly care for others after you care for yourself)


  1. Be kind, generous, and loving to everyone you meet

(You do not know their struggles or challenges. And, be especially kind to those who do not deserve it… for they generally need kindness the most)


  1. Be quick to forgive

(This is for YOU, not for the other person – forgiveness brings peace. Above all, forgive yourself when necessary)


  1. Let God fight your battles

(He can and will do anything – without Him you’re nothing; with Him you can and will be anything and/or anyone)


  1. Release fear and worry

(God has your back – these emotions never help anything)


  1. Pray and pray some more

(Talk to God. Thank God. And, understand that what you ask for may appear in much different form than you envisioned… for God knows what is best for you)


  1. Trust in God’s timing

(He ALWAYS answers prayers… when the time is right)


  1. Believe in Miracles

(Ask. Believe. Receive – yet only ask once; that is all that is necessary; then believe)


  1. Exude confidence

(Even if you’re lacking confidence, walk with your head held high… fake it till you make it – one day, before you know it, you no longer need to pretend; however, this does not mean be arrogant)


  1. Let no one define you… but you

(Not your parents, loved ones, friends or significant other; this is YOUR life… however, love I’ve certainly taught you manners and values to help guide you)


  1. Accept yourself

(For you are a treasured child of God. He doesn’t make mistakes)


  1. Plan ahead

(Start with a plan, yet understand plans change & that is okay… simply adjust as necessary)


  1. Listen to your inner voice

(Your intuition will NEVER let you down – always, always follow your gut. This inner voice is God and His angels guiding and protecting you)


  1. Love intensely

(Never half ass love… for we are on this earth to love and be loved. When you love, give it 100%)


  1. Cherish friendships

(Friends come and go; each bringing your lessons or blessings: some for a season, a reason, or a lifetime)


  1. Manage your thoughts and emotions

(What you focus on… you draw to you – remain positive and hopeful)


  1. Search for silver linings

(Even a battery needs the positive & negative to work – there is ALWAYS a silver lining in all things, even the bad, you just need to find it. Sure, it may take time… and that is okay. Hindsight is 20/20)


  1. Never finish a negative thought

(Each thought is a wave that reverberates out into the world. Thoughts become feelings, feelings become things. You create your reality through your thoughts and emotions)


  1. Live a life of gratitude

(Being thankful is the primary key to happiness; honor your blessings and thank God every single day – whether you say it out loud, in prayer, or written in a journal)


  1. Accept yourself



  1. Lead with compassion

(Rather than judgement in all of your relationships and interactions with others – including strangers and even your enemies. Remember, what you send out into the universe comes back to you)


  1. Follow your bliss

(Do what makes YOU happy!!! Again, this is your life… And, we all evolve and change over time. What you find to be your life purpose today… may not be your passion tomorrow and that is okay. Actually, that is healthy growth!!)


  1. Be mindful of your attitude

(Attitude makes or breaks us. The only difference between a good day and a bad day is our attitude!!)


  1. Learn from your mistakes/lessons

(Lessons keep repeating themselves until you get it! “First God whispers in our ear, then He taps us on the shoulder, and if we still do not listen, then He knocks us over the head… or worse… until we pay attention!” Moral of the story? Pay attention)


  1. Choose friends carefully

(You mirror those around you, so surround yourself with positive, upbeat, supportive and loving people)


  1. Stand up for yourself

(You are NO ONE’s doormat, yet be classy and respectful of others in the process)


  1. Be tolerant

(Everyone has their own views on this world and they may be very different from yours. That is okay. Everyone has biases based on their personal journey and life experiences. You cannot experience EVERYTHING, but you can learn from the experiences of others – which simply helps you be a better person)


  1. Gracefully let go

(Any person, place or thing that is not serving your greater good, elevating you to a higher plane, bring you love and joy, and then let it/them go. No pomp and circumstance needed… gracefully walk away)


  1. Don’t look back

(Yes, it is fun to reminisce and necessary at times; however, when you let go of things… move on… you cannot move forward when you’re stuck in the past)


  1. See yourself through my eyes

(For no one loves you more than your Mother. If only you could see yourself as I do, my precious little Nugget…)


  1. Treat yourself as you would treat those you love

(Too often we mistreat ourselves through our thoughts, words, and deeds. Pay attention. Remind yourself to be just as kind and loving to yourself as you would be to those you love the most)


  1. Teach by example

(It is amazing how much people pay attention to all you do; you may not have any idea the impact you have on others… for most often they watch silently)


  1. Accept others

(No one has to think or act like you in order to be loved. Each person is unique. We cannot be everything to everyone; therefore, we cannot expect others to be everything to us. For example, you will have many true friends in this lifetime; however, one may be the dependable friend, another may be the fun friend and yet another may be the trustworthy friend. BUT… to expect one person to be all of these things: dependable, fun, and trustworthy? You just might be pushing your luck, so never expect the fun friend to be the dependable friend – you know what I mean?)


  1. Embrace change

(Yes, change can be scary… yet it is true… the only constant is change! Go with the flow)


  1. Cherish moments

(Moments come and go; life goes by in an instant; things don’t matter… money doesn’t matter… people and experiences do. Live your life to the fullest, but don’t live so fast that you cannot enjoy each moment)


  1. Strive for progress

(There is NO SUCH THING as perfection; instead strive for progress. Perfection is self-defeating)


  1. Celebrate life

(With each year, celebrate your birthday like a national holiday!!! Thank God for every person, place, and thing He has blessed you with in the past, present, and future. Never fear a certain “age” for many never make it that long on this earth. With each passing year, new blessings await. What would have happened had I fell into despair at age 40? I may never have had the blessing of the best gift of my life, YOU, at age 42)


  1. Release expectations

(Expectations of others are worthless. Instead, set boundaries and set agreed upon expectations, yet never set your own expectations upon others – for they will let you down. If they don’t know… they cannot live up to your needs, right?)


  1. Use your voice

(Communication is key to success. If you want something, ask for it. If you love something/someone, say it. If something needs changing, demand it (respectfully). Silence is powerful when used correctly; however, always remember silence is often construed as acceptance)


  1. Be an open-minded optimist

(Dream. Wish. Hope. For there is always hope where there is faith. Life expands in proportion to the openness of your mind)


  1. Harvest adventure

(Be courageous… within reason, of course nothing illegal or immoral, but try new things whenever you can: explore new places, meet new people, and try new foods… don’t let the comfort of complacency take over your life)


  1. Revel in the everyday mundane

(Find the extraordinary in your comfortable daily routine. We all need routine to help keep us sane and the consistency provides a certain level of necessary comfort. Do not dwell in the boring; instead find the little EXTRA-ordinary things)


  1. Embrace your inner-child

(The innocence, laughter, and joy of childhood are unlike any other; for they are untainted and pure of heart. Infuse these qualities into your day to day)


  1. Harness your power

(You have an infinite power within you; this is God’s light. You were made in His image and He resides in you. Anything you want to do in this life is yours for the taking – simply apply focus, hard work, and determination)


  1. Delight in nature

(When you’re feeling stressed out and overwhelmed, GET OUTSIDE. Kick your shoes off, walk barefoot and feel the blades of grass squish between your toes, gaze upon the blue sky, watch the clouds drift, and breathe in the fresh air. Nature will rejuvenate you)


  1. Believe in yourself

(Even when no one else does… Throw caution into the wind and believe in yourself with wild abandon. Some may find you crazy, but simply flash your gorgeous smile at those naysayers and continue on your desired path. You need NO ONE’S approval – not even mine)


  1. Lead with a trusting heart

(Trust yourself and always trust those around you until you’re proven wrong. Once trust is gone, it may never come back – use your best judgment as to whether that person deserves a second chance or not. Sometimes they do; sometimes they don’t. Only you know for sure)


  1. Release jealousy

(Envy helps no one… rid your life of this little green monster. People only show you what they want you to see; we have no idea what is happening behind the scenes – so what you envy in one person may only be smoke and mirrors, so compare yourself and your circumstances to NO one else)


  1. Make a positive impact

(Even if just for one other person; shine your light and help light the way for those stumbling through darkness. Let your inner light shine bright for all to see)


  1. Rescue yourself

(Be your own champion. This does not mean you cannot lean on and depend upon others; yet do not solely depend on others to provide for you)


  1. Harvest your resources

(Relax. You do not need to have all the answers. Listen and learn from others. Tap into their knowledge)


  1. Embrace the NOW

(Respect where you came from, all you’ve accomplished and experienced so far in life, and embrace the NOW… and then you can full appreciate where you will be one day in the future)


My sincerest wish is that I bring you as much love, joy, and pride in this lifetime as you continually bring me!!

© Renae Rossman and Candy Coated Reality™

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