REBLOG: “What are angels?”

Reflective ShadesFor all the Candy Coated Reality followers who read my post, “Angelic SPARKS” – I think you will really like this post by anangelis which tells us a bit more about “What are angels?”

PS, I really love this blog!! Great stuff!!


Well let’s start at the beginning by describing what angels are, how they relate to people and how they communicate with us.

Angels are non-physical beings of pure celestial light and love whose role in Life is to act as divine messengers between the Creator and the Created. It’s not that we can’t talk directly to God, it’s that we have been taught that only special people, such as priests, are able to do this. Part of my life purpose involves helping people begin and improve their angelic communication.

When we incarnate as a person we forget much of the knowledge we had access to when we were in spirit form. One of the things we forget is that we can talk directly to God, so Angels help us remember this and communicate better with God. Angels watch over us and guide us throughout our lives.

When I asked my…

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2 thoughts on “REBLOG: “What are angels?”

  1. We can speak with God- He says “Ask and it shall be given you.”– John 14:13; “You shall seek Me & find Me-Search for me with all your heart” Jeremiah 29:13.; Ask of God- James 1:5- He wants us to talk to Him Daily. God bless.

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