Mother’s Day was yesterday… and today I’ve read several Facebook posts from women complaining their husbands didn’t make them feel special. In one case, her husband didn’t buy her a gift to celebrate the holiday. In another, her husband didn’t do anything special to recognize her as a mom. And, another mom was left taking care of the kids single-handedly on this special mom’s day while her husband was there.

Yes, I realize I’m single (and a mom)… so who am I to suggest such a thing… but it makes perfect sense in my mind that if you want to feel valued and appreciated, then why not start with yourself? What I mean by this is… buy your own gift… carve out your own special time. Why must you wait for ANY ONE to do it for you?

If you want a day to yourself, “Hey Honey, I booked myself a spa day (*or whatever brings you joy)… kids are with you all day… see you later!” Or if you want roses, buy them yourself. “Look dear, I bought myself these amazing roses to celebrate how I’m absolutely slaying it as a mom to these phenomenal kids we made together.” Do you want that ring you’ve been eyeing for years… buy it. “Love, isn’t this ring gorgeous? It is a daily reminder to celebrate all of the things I do to keep our lives running smoothly.” Whatever your bliss… grab it. Make it happen.

Life is just too damn short to not feel valued. Celebrate yourself rather than waste one single minute complaining. And, perhaps, maybe, the love of your life will follow your lead and start doing these things for you too. If not, who cares!! We do not have to sit around and wait for someone else to celebrate us. We can do it for ourselves. Do not, I repeat, do not expect someone else to deliver joy to you.

The old adage is so true, “Happiness lies WITHIN us.” Want to be valued? Value yourself. Want to be spoiled? Spoil yourself. Want to be celebrated? Celebrate yourself. Want a break? Take one or two or twelve when you need them. As moms, we must be committed to self-care. We spend SO MUCH time caring for others… we will run out of steam and become resentful eventually. Instead of putting your self-worth into the hands of others, take charge and ensure you take care of you. You are worthy. You are deserving.

Throw expectations of your significant other out the window. Discard Mommy guilt like an old rag. Now, go plan that special something for yourself and be sure to do something extraordinary for yourself regularly. You and your family will be happier for it. Wishing your today… and every day… is a celebration of this glorious journey called motherhood.

© Renae Rossman and Candy Coated Reality™

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