Once Upon a Time…

Law%20of%20Attraction%204%20Spring“Two years ago, I found myself in a dark place, mentally and emotionally. Something inside me snapped. After decades of pushing her down and hiding her away, my evil twin escaped to rear her ugly head. It wasn’t pretty. Everything was inside out. For the first time in my life, no amount of positive jargon could save me from the depths of despair I was feeling…”

Back in July 2012, I was in a local bookstore with my Mom perusing all the sparkly things. We love books and bookstores!! While walking through the aisle of magazines, a cover caught my eye and I reached for the Law of Attraction. I had never heard of this magazine before that moment. I leisurely flipped through the pages and was instantly hooked. I showed mom and told her how excited I was to read it from cover to cover. She said, “Oh it sounds great. I will read it after you!” I guess the look on my face must have said, back off my magazine, lady!  because she quickly picked up her own copy and continued, “… you know, that is probably one you’re gonna wanna keep for yourself.” Ha! Mom knows me all too well.

038It wasn’t long before I had read the entire magazine. Soon, I returned to the same bookstore and purchased more copies for my friends. I felt inspired. If you’ve read Candy Coated Reality, then you know I only write when I’m inspired. I felt deep in my soul I wanted to be a contributor to this magazine. I scoured the pages, but couldn’t find any information on how to contact the editors. Then I turned to the internet. I found their website www.LawofAttractionMag.com and then their Facebook page www.Facebook.com/LawofAttractionMagazine. Before I knew it, I was emailing the Editor-in-Chief proposing an article on how the law of attraction has worked in my life.

The opening paragraph of this post is a quick snip-it from my published article, Happy From the Inside Out, which is a “Real-Life Success Story” appearing in the GET HAPPY NOW section of the Spring 2013 issue of Law of Attraction magazine hitting newsstands TODAY, January 22, 2013.  If you’re not familiar, Law of Attraction magazine is a quarterly, special interest publication which is available globally in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, Mexico, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Thailand, United States, and U.S. military bases domestic and abroad.

My article is about how… “Outwardly I was confident, happy, outgoing, and positive, but on the inside I was insecure, cruel, skeptical, and negative. My inside was diametrically opposed to my outside. I certainly could talk the talk, but in no way could I walk the walk. For most of my life, I wore a protective armor made of happy optimism, but my inside in no way matched my outside.” In total… 1500+ words detailing how I made my insides just as happy as my outsides.

154I have a feeling there are many of us who hide our negativity… my negativity just started eating away at me. What you think, say, and feel goes out into the universe. You call it back to you. If you’re miserable and focus on it then you manifest more misery. What you put out into the universe comes back to you. Kinda like Karma. I’m thankful my article is in The Law of Attraction magazine because I whole-heartedly believe in the law of attraction. If you’re not familiar with the principle, then I highly suggest you watch the documentary/movie “The Secret” – it is both fascinating and amazing.

If I’ve sparked your interest and you’d like to read more of my article then you can find the magazine at most Barnes and Noble, Target, Safeway, Walgreens, Kroger, Books-A-Million, Wal-Mart, Giant, CVS, SuperValu, Costco and other major retailers (the picture used in the opening is the actual Spring 2013 cover so look for it!). Since it is a quarterly publication it should be available in stores for the next few months until the new issue is released. The print magazine also is available online at http://shop.absolutelovepublishing.com/Law-of-Attraction-Magazine_c5.htm and digital versions are available on Amazon.com, www.barnesandnoble.comwww.zinio.com, https://play.google.com/store, and through Apple’s iTunes store.

dreams - Walt DisneyBeing a published writer has been a dream of mine since I was an editor of my high school newspaper back in 90-91. Today, nearly 25 years later… I’ve met my goal. I can’t lie… it is a PHENOMENAL feeling. I’ve already cried four times. Happy tears, of course. Yes, I cried when the editor approved my idea. Then, I cried again when the editor responded to my first draft, “Oh, Renae! This is beautiful! I’m going to sit with it a bit and perhaps get back to you with a question or two. But it’s really close to ready-to-run already! Woohoo! And THANK YOU!”

The editor warned me editing would be a back and forth process and take a while. I cried two weeks later when she emailed me again, “Your article was so fabulous, I barely did a thing to it. I think I changed some punctuation and paragraph breaks, perhaps changed a tense here or there, and added the word “consciously” at the very end.” WOW!  She called it Gently Edited. How amazing!! And finally I cried when the advanced copies of the magazine appeared in my mailbox two weeks ago. Tears welled up in my eyes as I held the magazine in my hands and I read my article on pages 44 and 45. A two-page spread!! WOW, oh, WOW! There on the pages were MY words. There was MY name in print. There was MY picture in the corner. AND… there was my BIO in a global publication. Thank you, God!

Dream. It. Do. It.This afternoon, I head back to the bookstore that started this journey and I plan to purchase my own copy. Well, truthfully I will purchase several copies! How much you wanna bet I will be crying at the cash register? I hope I don’t freak out the employees!! Here is to lucky cry number five!! Ha! I’m thankful my dear friend Laura is going with me to the bookstore in case someone needs to calm me down!! And this weekend my friends and I have several publication celebrations in the works. I’m so incredibly grateful for all the support and encouragement I’ve received from my friends and family. I’m so incredibly blessed!!

img_5287-followpathMoral of the story? Is there something YOU have always wanted to do? Is there a goal that is written on your heart? When God puts a dream in your heart, He intends for you to do it, so adjust and navigate accordingly… obstacles are there to test you… to determine how badly you really want your goal… skip over those hurdles… never give up… until you make your dreams come true. And then one day, you too can look back and say, “Once upon a time… I wanted to _____________ and I did it!” Go ahead… fill in YOUR blank!!

© Renae Rossman and Candy Coated Reality™

84 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time…

  1. Renae,
    God bless you for living your soul (note I didn’t say dream). Living your conscience (soul) is much more important and healthy. Congratulations on your great accomplishment and after you’ve had a short while to bask in the personal satisfaction (and gratitude)…. set your next goal a bit higher and you will blossom like the Lotus Flower that is a symbol of the soul. BE well.
    – Michael

  2. For years, I my dream was to be a singer/songwriter … but that was all … I just dreamed it, but I never did anything about it. Over the past year, I finally took the plunge. Fortunately, I don’t need to make a living from it, but I do need to follow my bliss and my muse … and it feels good. I am a self-professed late bloomer and a chronic procrastinator. I’m running a bit late, but I’m finally on my way!

  3. That is so true! Only when we are fully following our dreams can we outperform and make them real. I understood this only some time ago and I’m on my way to it now fortunately. Believe it and you can do it! We’re surrounded of examples of other persons doing so, (you are one more Renae!), but we tend not to see them. Dream, dream and dream again!

    Renae, your post contributed to remind me by to give up too early! 🙂 thank you!

  4. Renae — Congratulations! Your first publication is always special. Mine happened in high school when an editor of a small paper gave me a byline with my photo. I’ve had numerous articles, short stories and novels published since, but you will always remember the first one. What’s your next “Once Upon a Time?”

    • THANK YOU, Barbara!! Yes, I’m very excited. You’re so right… the first is pretty spectacular 🙂 Well, right now I’m pitching ideas to all sorts of magazines and working on my own book… so stay tuned for updates!! Thanks again, xo!!

  5. Congratulations!! I also have a dream of becoming a published writer. My dream is to publish a book one day. I written scientific articles, most of the time as a ghost writer. Twice, I was the second author on an article, one of which was published in a decent journal. But that’s not my true dream. You should be so proud. Congrats on making a dream come true. You wrote: “For most of my life, I wore a protective armor made of happy optimism, but my inside in no way matched my outside.” I can relate to this so much. I still wear protective armor, mostly around my heart. I wrote a poem called Master of Self Deception on my blog site – it’s how I saw myself at that time. I wish you all the best in future writing endeavors. I can’t wait to read your article and check out this magazine. Take care.

    • Thank you, Kathy!! You’ve had such phenomenal experiences… I know in my heart you will achieve your dream of publishing your own book!! I too am in the process of crafting a book. I can’t wait to see it on bookshelves. I can only imagine how many happy tears I will shed for my book… based on how many were shed for my 1500 word article. Ha! And, yes I think we all have our own version of protective armor… whether it be avoidance, humor (self-defeating or otherwise), positivity, or the like. As soon as we recognize the glare reflecting off our armor (which unfortunately some never see), then it is our duty to rid ourselves of the faux-protection… if we can… if we dare!! Take care of you and yours, xo!!

  6. Congratulations! This is the first time I have read your blog and I’m all happy and jumpy inside for you! Thanks for visiting my blog Crazywonderfullife and I’ll be seeing you in the (magazine) pages! Congrats again! 🙂

  7. I happened to be in CVS tonight just buying some things I needed. I’ve been feeling down lately and have been my own worst enemy. I happened to see the title of the magazine you were published in and knew I had to buy it. Thank you for your article. It was very uplifting for me. Congratulations on a job well done.

    • Oh, thank you!! Your comment makes my heart sing with joy!! We are all faced with those down moments… I’m so happy my words helped lift you up!! Yes, our worst enemy stares us back in the face from the mirror… unfortunately!! That is EXACTLY why I write and why I created candy coated reality years ago… as a reminder that the reflection that I see is actually my best friend and I should treat her as such 😉 Thanks again for your support, Jeannine!!

  8. Congratulations on attracting the good things. 🙂 I have just started hearing about the Laws of Attraction, mostly through Super Soul Sunday on OWN. Luv it! By the way – thanks for stopping at my blog.

  9. A good thing for people to know is not to wait until your life is completely destroyed and you have let yourself get choked with stress and anger that you are crippled or in such a bad state that you can barely come back to yourself. I made the mistake of “staying the course” through so many bad things, that it was only after I ended up on anti-depressants because of my lovely career choice and stopped caring about everything, including that job that I knew I had to leave it and try to get my life back again in some way. It took over a year and getting off those horrible meds, I would recommend quitting a job before taking anti-depressants, before I even started to see that I didn’t suffer from early dementia, but was being destroyed by the life I chose to live(and the meds). To everyone else I was a success. Great job, nice home, purchased on the high end of the market, so that was a bust as well, but everything began to crumble, including myself. It’s hard to live any life without the love and support that is needed. I decided to be my own love and support after the ones I loved passed and made sure to stay away from the ones that were bad influences in my life. Blessedly, the story is not over and I still believe that everything is going to work out for the good before I leave to actually go home. Good luck and God bless in all that you do. Thanks for stopping by my site.

    • Yes, it is amazing how a life can look so shiny, perfect, and pristine from the outside when on the inside it is crumbling and dark. I’m so happy to hear that you left the career that brought you so much misery and more importanly that you “decided to be my own love and support” – that is AMAZING!! Keep up the great soul work 🙂 I’m so happy to hear things are looking up for you!! Thank you, xo!! God bless!!

  10. As soon as I saw the words,”Law of Attraction”, I knew I had to follow your blog. My daughter says I am a world class manifestor. I’ve read everything I can get my hands on regarding this subject. I subcribe to the daily Abraham e-mail for extra boosts even though I have all their books. It doesn’t mean there are no challenges left. I could write my own book on this subject but I’m looking forward to seeing what you have to say. I had no idea there was a magazine on the subject but I will search it out this week. I need a reason to go to the bookstore again. 🙂 Thanks so much for this post.

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  12. hi Renae, Thanks for looking at my blog “the Bllu Room”, I hope my writing inspired you. I hope you’ll follow me more.
    Like everyone posted here, I’ve been given a little vicarious happiness by your post. It’s wonderful to see evidence of someone wanting something and then being able to get it. From your writing, I’ve no doubt that you earned your success; You waded down in the jungles and you worked damn hard. Right on sister. Here’s to the journey and the milestones along the way! –bllu

  13. Hi Renae !!! I am a Holistic Therapist and a Big Beliver in The Universe Laws !!! Mean time a Kabbalist by Life and Karmic Soul Experience !!! Of Course each Soul have it’s Own Journey , missions and own need of learning and evolution very proper to every Soul !!!! The Univers Law acting Different from a soul to another and never One Law not acting the same , again according to each soul needs !!! To sustain my word and for a Better Understanding of ” My Theory ” I will only use one of Your phrase , being a Strong testimonial in favor of Your Believes but , it is here something more deep , which have a Need of a more Introspection , as not being as Simple and Accesible in One Way as the ” Secret ” stipulated so , this Words needs to be ” Read ” between Lines and going Over what we ” See ” It !!!! So , let’s Analyze your Testimonial ” When Goduts a Dream in Your Heart , HE and again HE INTENDS for You to Do it …to adjust and navigate ACCORDINGLY ” !!!!! What I mean and Wants to pass my message to you and Others it is That YES , HIM the ALMIGHTHY , the UNIVERSE decided already your Soul Evolution , Your Soul Skills and what it is Important to All , it is All about AWARENESS and CONSCIOUSNESS to discover your Soul Message , your Soul Mission !!!! In his Journey the Souls are Tested – as You Mentioned – but , sometimes Young Soul are Not Enough Aware and they don’t easly discover their mission so Then this is Why , sometimes God Responding NO , as an Advertisment saying ” No , Don’t go there , it is Not Good for You ” !!!!! Mean time how Surelly we know what it is Good and not Good for Us ????? What we are thinking it is Good , can be a Temporarly Good for Us helping and pushing us fr other Actions , all with the Purpose of Evolution !!!! The ” Secret ” can’t be taken ” a La Lettre ” !! What we think now it is Not Good for us can reveal being a Delivrance in the future !!! Understanding coming in perfect Time and Space and ALL what Comes To Us Have a Perfect , Positive Purpose which can’t be always understandable in present Time !!!!! I am Very Happy For You as the Unvers respond YES to your Requests and Dreams !!!! Your Dreams and Believes WERE ALREADY PREDESTINATED so …… This is Why we May Understand and Feel as The Universe Decide, Always, what it is The Best for Us !!!!! No Worries , ever , No Fears , Ever, as Long the Univers created a UNIQUE PURPOSE for each Soul !!!! Thank You for Visiting my Blog and wishing Your Soul the Accomplisments it needs !!!! Love to write me too as you can see it and I Appology or my poor Lunguage , hoping it is enough Understandable as , English it is not my Primary Lunguage !!!! I am not worry cause SOULS have no need to Understand as we do with our Minds !!!! Much Love & Light !!!!! ❤❤❤

    • I love all that you wrote… no worries that English is not your primary language 🙂 Couldn’t agree with you more… well said, my friend. I’m so thankful you found Candy Coated Reality!! Keep writing and sharing love and light!! God bless, xo!!

  14. Wow, how great to read this!!! I really needed this!
    I’m going to look for a copy of this magazine. I live in Holland so I don’t think we have it here in the stores…
    Hope to read lots more of you!

    • THANK YOU!! And I will def checkout Tin Drums. I just took another peek at your blog and noticed you listed me on your blog roll. OMG, I’m so honored!! Thank you doesn’t seem like enough to express my gratitude!! God bless you and yours!!

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  16. I’m a bit late in congratulating you but CONGRATULATIONS!! I’ve never heard of this magazine, but as a true believer in the Law of Attraction, I’m going to look for it. I hope your issue is still on newsstands. Wahoo! Way to go!! (and I’m going to look it up online right now!)

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