“Candy Coated”

Right ConceptWhat’s in a name? Why in the world did I call my blog Candy Coated Reality? This question was asked by one of my followers…

Dear radiant soul –
I cannot for the life of me understand why you call your positive and light filled blog “Candy Coated Reality.” Reality is love – and candy coating is just sugarcoating something we don’t like, for any reason. From what you are reading here, you are far from sugarcoating something – you are choosing to look at things/situations with love. Candy Coated hints to denying “dark stuff” with bright colors – like people with dark secrets can look like pillars of society – to me, this blog-title is misleading – and you are not served by it. Blessings for your recovery, and thank you for sharing your bright spirit!

This of course motivated me to share the origination of the name, what it means to me, and why I believe Candy Coated Reality is the perfect name for this blog. For starters, my favorite place in the world is a candy store. The bright, sparkly colors and sugary aroma are an intoxicating place of inspiration for me. When I decided to write a blog several years ago the name popped into my head, immediately, as if divinely given…

What is Candy Coated Reality?

Difficult choices in businessCandy Coated Reality (www.facebook.com/candycoatedreality) is a growing positivity community whose readers are ready to reflect upon and share perspectives on thought-provoking topics with a unique spin. It’s a dose of positivity, inspiration and motivation aimed at helping those who struggle with positivity and optimism by sharing stories, ideas, quotes, life lessons, and images. But, this isn’t your plain vanilla inspiration blog. And, ironically it didn’t start with positivity, but rather the seeking and finding of it!

My Mantra – Live YOUR truth! Shine YOUR light! You hold great capacity to be a positive driving force in the lives of others (often unknowingly) by simply being yourself. I encourage others to embrace who they are, free of apologies, and without any exceptions. Through Candy Coated Reality, I continue to gain powerful connections and continue many discussions with what I call Whole Life Visionary coaching – visionary because I help each person visualize and embrace positive aspects and aspirations toward making their life more whole – and wholly satisfying.

renae rossman logoAs an Inspired Living coach, I help others live a balanced and inspired life by being their Positivity Guide. By stripping the focus away from career, money, or business, my practice focuses on guiding forces of positivity, inspiration, and momentum such as: love, self love, gratitude, manifestation, faith, happiness, forgiveness, enlightenment, and divine purpose – all to provide a life full of harmony and balance. With supportive guidance, it is up to my client to determine where we focus and in what order based on what is most important to them either short or long term.

Every time I write, I leave pieces of me on the page as I pour my whole self into each blog. Writing has become my therapy…my bliss…my passion. Sharing stories of life experiences can be intensely intimate where very personal thoughts and lessons are moments of purposeful risk – exposing demons or darker sides for on singular hope that it helps others find positivity and light within and around them. One thing holds true however, as I read comments from followers across the globe, I know the risk is worth it!

Row of hand coloured paper chain office and factory buildingsReadership spans an amazing variety of cultures and people from all over the globe. Each is inspiring another which brings happy tears to my eyes, a skip to my step, and a smile to my heart. Working together, we can spread positivity and optimism exponentially across the world!

Candy Coated Reality presents and supports a new way to look at life that draws from all things positive: memories, quotes, meditations, prayer, personal beliefs, supporting statements, positive imagery, spirituality/faith/religion, and more! I hope readers walk away with the following:

  • Believing in the power of positive thinking
  • Believing that we are all one world community with like experiences and needs but unique roles and purposes
  • Being kind to everyone
  • Striving to look on the bright-side even when bad things happen
  • Sharing blessings
  • Expecting the best of others but blessing, praying or well-wishing when they show you their worst
  • Becoming a gratuity guide – helping others less fortunate or experiencing personal apocalypses
  • Filling life with positive influences
  • Living a life of gratitude
  • Avidly searching for silver linings
  • Understanding that what you put out into the universe (good and bad) will inevitably come back to you!!

iStock_000014700034Small - ethics related topicAs you can see, the name does not suggest we should sugar/candy coat to cover up anything… it is a way of life. We need both the positive and negative; even a battery needs both to work!! My thought is… because we NEED the negative, I choose to view anything negative as an actual positive since roadblocks, obstacles, and challenges (negative) all lead to growth and learning; therefore, growth and learning must be positives, right? Sounds tricky, I know.

iStock_000007212244XSmall - Thank You GodMy sincerest hope is my writing helps at least one other person find happiness and positivity in life, and purpose! As I share personal, sometimes incredibly intimate stories in my blogs I share the lessons I’ve learned in life with others and ask them to do the same in return. What good is knowledge unless we give it away? It has been scary to be so open, yet I’ve learned that to be completely transparent is the only way for me to write because we just never know who our words will resonate with and what impact these words will have for another.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the sweetness that Candy Coated Reality offers…

© Renae Rossman and Candy Coated Reality™

9 thoughts on ““Candy Coated”

  1. I respect your blog and that is why I am Ideaistic. I am and have not lost that in sixty three years. And Rebel. I haven’t lost that either. We are uniquely ourselves and I have never changed for anyone or anything except myself. So be positive and inspiriring and ignore those who don’t have this gift. Harmony and blessings, Barbara

  2. It’s interesting how different people take a totally different meaning out of the same words and that is okay because we don’t think the same way. Your blog name means something special and unique for you and it does serve your purpose as you well explained. I didn’t take the meaning as being dark and misleading, I also thought about sweet things but then other people may have other thoughts. I enjoy reading your blog.

  3. I like your blog name. What you focus on increases and anytime I slip a little too far to the negative, I need a dose of candy coating to bring me back to center. It’s in the balance. I choose not to be a (realist). Preferring to look at life as optimistically as possible is my goal. Keep feeding us that bit of Candy Coating.

  4. Renae, As always, thank you for your honesty. My days always go better with God and my positive attitude no matter what. Candy coated reality is always a great read. Nancy

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