Pieces of Me

Every time I sit at the computer to write, I leave pieces of me on the page. I pour my heart and soul into each article. Writing is my therapy. Writing is my bliss. Writing is my passion. Sharing stories of my life experiences can be intensely intimate… telling readers my very personal thoughts and lessons while sometimes even exposing my demons or dark side. But as I read all the supportive and encouraging comments from readers, I’m comforted and feel so incredibly safe to share my truth. THANK YOU!!

Since I was little, I’ve loved putting pen to paper. As a wee one learning to write, I would sit for hours on end practicing my letters and words on any type of paper I could find. I was in heaven. I couldn’t tell you how many times I wrote my name in a notebook, once I learned cursive writing, trying to perfect my signature. Ha!

For me, I write from the heart. I write for me. As egotistical as it may sound – and I don’t really mean for this to be the case – I enjoy my writing. Often I will read my articles over and over and over again as if I’m supposed to learn the lesson or hear the point-of-view. Reading what I’ve written brings me joy. And, I figure if the words I’ve composed on a piece of paper bring me joy, then maybe… just maybe… those same words will bring joy to another as well. Win. Win.

If an article idea hits me out of the blue… so totally random… then I know it is a topic, lesson, or thought someone else needs to hear. Perhaps it is God or His angels whispering in my ear?  Whatever or whomever it is, I find when inspiration strikes I must write immediately. I’m afraid if I don’t capture the words at the precise moment they start floating through my head, then I will lose them.

There are times when I go weeks or even months without writing. This is simply because inspiration did not strike. I will not put writing to a schedule by requiring that I write every Wednesday or something of the sort. I feel if I force myself to write, then all sincerity is lost… my writing will no longer be genuine and heartfelt.

As a blogger I do walk a fine line between yes, please read my blog  AND no, don’t feel obligated  – but I must admit my heart swells with happiness when I look at my WordPress stats and my blog view count has increased. Each time a new person starts following Candy Coated Reality, my heart skips a beat and I say THANK YOU  aloud with hope that in some way this new follower could actually hear me. Crazy, I know.

Whatever the topic, my sincerest hope is my writing helps at least one other person; One reader who experiences an Aha Moment, relives a memory that my article conjures up from the recesses of his/her mind, or perhaps realizes he/she is not alone. One day, my future children and grandchildren will read my writing and learn more about me… and my greatest wish is they will be motivated, inspired and ultimately… proud of me!!

If you have something written on your heart, then please do not wait to apply it to paper and share with others. Much like rays of sunshine escaping through clouds… scatter pieces of yourself around for others to experience and enjoy too!!

© Renae Rossman and Candy Coated Reality™

102 thoughts on “Pieces of Me

  1. This is def. something I can relate to. Writing is VERY therapeutic and it allows you to get out what you need to say even if no one else is around 🙂

  2. Very well written and inspirational post. I also appreciate the wisdom shared regarding the ego, you noted that you share and in doing so you are being the opposite of your ego at least as I perceive it. Either way I am grateful you shared and share a piece of your heart and your words. Thank you! 🙂

  3. Loved the post it’s like you read my mind and took the words from my heart and soul and stringed them together in this post. Amazing Job 😀

  4. I enjoy your refreshing honesty. I, too, write about personal feelings and try to tease them out to apply them to universal themes or ideas. I was told once that ‘no-one likes to hear endless tales of woe’, and that is probably true, but I think there is always something in a tale that can strike at the heart of everyone and it’s called good writing. Yours is certainly that.

    • Awe, thank you so much!! Well, I was always told I didn’t need to commit every mistake myself… that if I paid attention I could learn from the mistakes of others… and unless I’m there to actually view the mistakes the only way I will learn from them is if someone is brave enough to tell their endless tales of woe, right?? xo!

  5. Fabulous post ( I wrote on the same topic myself yesterday ) I love your blog and you write beautifully. Keep it up , hugs Ceri x

  6. Wonderful post. I felt like I was reading some of my own thoughts. I too have been “writing” since I was a child. The angels spoke to me since way back when. I would go through so much paper. Unfortunately, this angered my father and he told me I was wasting the paper. Too bad I didn’t have this virtual paper back then. Thankfully, I do now and the angels still whisper to me their messages of love.


    If you want to read what they have to say.

    I too do not go on a “have to” time line. However, there are times when the messages seem urgent. Yet, they are always timely and timeless. Of course, I get to put a bit of ME in the mix.

    I love how you add so many wonderful pictures in your blog. I am still figuring out how to do this wordpress stuff. But I learn a lot from reading other blogs. They inspire me in so many ways.


    • Ha! Ha! I’m so incredibly thankful for virtual paper… I talk fast, think fast, and attempt to write as fast as I talk/think; however, the result is hideous handwriting!!! Luckily, I’m an expert typist with fingers that move at the speed of light – and quite accurately too!! I’m a follower of your blog and find it quite lovely!! Thank you for sharing what the angels have to say!!

  7. I love the last image you have there… “We lose ourselves in the things we love. We find ourselves there too.”

    Something one of my writer friends told me years ago has really stuck with me. We were all sitting around on a Saturday night, having a few beers, smoking, talking about what we wanted to do with the rest of our lives. We were all still in college and everything, and she was pointing out to her boyfriend that computer programming isn’t Art, not like being a writer. Well I asked her why she was a writer, and she replied very simply “I write, because I can’t help it.” It sounds like you are the same way.

    Now, I am not that way about writing, but computer programming is very much my passion. My thing I must do. It’s good when you know yourself well enough to recognize that passion. It’s more like a calling and less like a hobby.

    Good post, and thank you for sharing. I may have to steal that image and use it in one of my blogs.

    • Thanks so much!! And, feel free to steal away… I found it online and fell in love with the message!!! And, yes, INDEED “I write because I can’t help it!” – I certainly love my passion expressed that way!! BRILLIANT 😉

  8. So….I’ve met my younger twin! 😀 This is precious truth…I too believe that God is “whispering” or maybe at times shouting in and through me…and I .MUST. WRITE. When I re-read my articles..I’m re-blessed by what God wants to teach me..again. Yeah. I get this one.

    • Yes, Lorretta… I’ve always heard “God whispers, then He taps you on the shoulder, and then if we still do not listen He knocks us over the head” (as when most of life’s traumatic things happen!!) – until we finally get/accept His message. Yes, agreed… I. MUST. WRITE!! We are definitely sisters from another mother – ha!! Thanks for your supportive comment!! xo

    • Yes, I loved your Thanksgiving post!! Really enjoyed how you wrapped it up at the end 🙂 Even a battery needs a positive and a negative end to work – so is the case of life… we have to navigate the storm… and persevere through our peaks and valleys!! Thanks for reading Candy Coated Reality!! **kindred spirit**

  9. “As a blogger I do walk a fine line between yes, please read my blog AND no, don’t feel obligated – but I must admit my heart swells with happiness when I look at my WordPress stats and my blog view count has increased” – Me too!!! its even worse as i’m new to blogging. But writing is my life, so I’ll keep writing (blogging) till the end of the world or till my ink finishes, whichever comes first. lol…

  10. Great post. I read your first paragraph and thought that’s me. When my mom died from pancreatic cancer I was completely lost. I knew she was going to die but nothing prepared me for the ambush of emotions and the feeling that there was now a big hole in my life. My husband told me to write, to start a blog. He then set up a site on his domain. I didn’t know what a blog was and had no idea what to write. But about 3 weeks after my mom died I started writing. I poured out my feelings into words. I wrote through tears. I wrote from the heart. I moved my blog to WordPress and just kept writing. Writing saved me and has helped me through the grieving process. After almost 4 years I am still healing and still writing. Take care

    • Kathy, I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of your mom!! I found this poem online quite a while ago and it has always helped me cope with loss, “Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us every day, unseen, unheard, but always near, still loved, still missed and very dear.” I’m so happy to hear writing has worked it’s magic on you and helped your healing process!! Thank you for your kind words and sharing your experiences 🙂 xo!!

      • I love the poem. Thanks for sharing. I know my mom is near at times. I know she’s come to visit. I so wish there was a way to communicate with her now. My favorite quote: “To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die” by Thomas Campbell.

  11. I think serious writing has to be for the writer first and everyone else secondarily. Otherwise, it’s not really sincere.

  12. Therapy, inspiration, motivation, all of it together or something else, I find that writing is gives legs and wings to my thoughts.Thank you for a wonderful contribution to this world. Alex

  13. I think we are kindred spirits with the same objectives! I love your posts and your blog! Thanks for checking out my blog, I am a newbie.

  14. I love the idea of your children and grandchildren knowing you through reading your blog. I have always thought of my journals as a record for my offspring one day, but now I can add blog to my list for posterity ! Thank you for that…

  15. Thank you for liking my blog! I love the concept of scattering pieces of yourself. We do have to do that more often. For me writing is also my passion. It’s interesting the roundabout ways our passions get lost, rediscovered, redefined, and found again!

    • Thank you!! “It’s interesting the roundabout ways our passions get lost, rediscovered, redefined, and found again!” Ohhhh, so true. It is so fascinating, right? OR… we find interests that we didn’t even know were remotely important to us!! xo

  16. Thank you for visiting my site. I’m glad you did so that I found yours. You express yourself w/ lovely fluidity and joy. I pray your “lil jelly bean” causes you no more trouble, but you continue to grow! 😉

    • “Lovely fluidity and joy” – oh, wow!! Thank you for your kind compliment. I’ve always considered myself a rambler, but lovely fluidity and joy sounds MUCH better!! LOL!! I sincerely appreciate your prayers for improved health… you’re the best!!!

  17. Thanks for liking my post. I’ve recently starting writing as part of my therapy and agree it can be therapeutic. It’s also incredibly difficult writing about some things, it’s like the written form gives the thing a permanency, makes it even more real. At the same time after laying it all out there you see that it actually can’t harm you anymore. I guess it’s not healthy repressing and hoping it’s just difficult initially.

    • Just keep writing, just keep writing, writing, writing!!! (hear Dori’s voice in “Finding Nemo” movie, LOL!!). Yes, I too was a bit scared to “put it all out there” – especially online in the great blogosphere, but you make a very great point… “At the same time after laying it all out there you see that it actually can’t harm you anymore. I guess it’s not healthy repressing and hoping it’s just difficult initially.” so I figure our best bet is to KEEP writing 😉 Thanks so much for reading!! xo

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  19. I’ve never really been much of a writer, but when i was little my ambition was to be a jornalist. It was always something I could see myself doing. Then when we really started to write stories and newspaper articals in school I guess I could just never figure out why my article or story wasn’t as great as everyone elses. Then in GCSE I got a C I got told my stories had no plot and my review of an article was below average. That did it for me, I needed to change my career path, go for something I had been told I could achieve. I still wanted to do journalism, taken Photogrpahy at GCSE and A-level has been a great decision. I want to take on Photo Jornalism. Even though a part of me will always regret maybe not trying hard enough in English, or maybe never practasing enough on writing. I guess this is the way it’s suppose to go.

    • Danielle, if you want to be a writer… then pursue your passion no matter what feedback anyone gives you. Always follow your heart and your gut in these matters in order to live your bliss. One of my all-time FAVORITE videos is this one about failure: http://youtu.be/Y6hz_s2XIAU – take a quick watch when you have a moment!! Sometimes our passion is an innate talent and other times we need to work at it… but if it is what brings of joy then the work will not seem like work.. ever 😉 Keep writing if that is what your heart tells you to do, my dear!! Another good video about failure: http://youtu.be/zLYECIjmnQs (a little longer and more of a “dramatic” tone than my favorite above – both good views tho!!). Wishing you the best!! xo

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  21. I understand the exact way you feel. I love the inspiration you exude from your posts, it definitely is a wonderful blessing. Keep the great words coming out girlie, I love every bit of it!

      • Awwww, I love your posts, just tonight I was chatting with my friend about business and we were expressing the fact that businesses thrive when their employees are about standing for what is right and making a difference. Life generally is about making a difference, you certainly make a difference and it’s always a pleasure reading about it in your blog! Of course I wish you all the best for the year ahead, keep bringing those inspiring posts!

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  23. I can relate so much to your post! Actually to everything! I too love to write. As a child I was obsessed with handwriting and spelling LOLz… I created stories.. through different forms obviously like play… I appreciated what you wrote about not forcing yourself to write every day… Personally, I “write” in different forms- I call it “creating” .. I draw, make videos, take photos, develop amazing learning opportunities for my students, I dance! ..I can write a whole post on this! Thank you for triggering pieces of me too! 🙂

    • Thanks, Marie!! Gosh, I haven’t written in over a month… I’m beginning to think I’ve lost my mojo… yet never fear I have a few ideas jumping around in my head so as soon as inspiration strikes I trust I will be back at it again 😉 Thank you!! xo

  24. I love your way of writing 🙂 keep writing for yourself and for us too (you can really inspire and lift others up)! I smiled when I read that sometimes you read your articles over and over again, I do that too! And I also only write when something inspires me (the rare times that I write for the sake of posting, these posts stay in the draft and then get deleted before they’re posted because they’re just not me!) Anyway I’m really glad I came across your blog, it’s such a happy place!

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