MY Happy Place!

Sometimes all I need to lift my spirits is to think of some of my favorite things and I’m magically transported to my HAPPY PLACE!!

Kiddie laughter

Smell of a freshly cut lawn

Music… loud music

Hot, hot, hot bubble baths

Inspiring quotes… especially on magnets or canvas or… anything really!

Animated kiddie movies

Christmas lights… indoors, outside and for non-holiday décor

Feeling soft, cool sand under my toes


Pumpkin Spice Latte (Soy milk, only 1 pump syrup and no whip cream)

Traveling – anyplace

Sun on my face on a cool spring day

Romantic Comedies

Smell of wet cornfields (I know weird, but I grew up in the country)

Watching musicals



Fleece pj pants and fuzzy socks on a cold winter night


Snow cone… Cherry Limeade – YUM!


Soft kisses

Perfect pink/cranberry lip color

My children… though they are only a figment of my imagination right now!

Spiced Apple Cider

Broadway shows


Smell of freshly washed laundry

Warm herbal tea

Singing at the top of my lungs

Big bear hugs

Sound of a whisper fan while napping

Public Speaking (most fear it more than death, but I LOVE IT!!)



Milk Chocolate… Hershey’s and Lindor

Smell of a baby

Relaxing visits to the country

Girl talk

My sister **love her immensely!!**

Shel Silverstein poems

Driving with the windows down

Paper lanterns


Flavor-Ice popsicles… red, purple and green


My parent’s unwavering belief in me **xoxo!!**

Jelly Belly jelly beans… only fruit bowl or sour mixes – Cherry and Cotton Candy are FAVs

Forehead kisses

Day dreaming

Smell of roses

Heart shaped things

Coca-Cola… but only a sip!


Spending quality time with friends and family

In the arms of my husband… though he too is only a figment of my imagination right now! LOL!!

New experiences

Rock candy… any color except blue

Swedish massage

Writing my thoughts

Reflexology… best foot massage, E-V-E-R!


Smell of salt water

Movies at the theatre

Rainbow sorbet

Floating in a pool

Lefse (Norwegian flatbread… my FAV food in the world!!)


Holding hands

Smell of leather

Colorful things


Perfect mascara… no smudges or flakes

Clear ocean water

Lazy Sundays


Wine (or as my friends call it… wyyynnnneeeee)

Great hair days


Waterfalls and fountains

Urban city streets

Filet Mignon

NYC at Christmas-time

Pink & Gray color-combo


Slight, cool breeze on a warm summer day

Falling in love

Shiny, sparkly things

Watercolor Artwork

My niece’s sweet face

Giving gifts… especially for no particular reason

Putting on clothes straight out of the hot dryer

Cherry Blossoms

Pedicures and pretty toenails

Comfy sweatpants

Fresh flowers

Sparklers and Fireworks


Smell of chlorine

Having my hair washed at a salon

Cotton Candy

Sleeping in on a rainy day

Oil paintings


Walks on the beach

Well, this is everything I can think of right now. I’m sure there are more. Ha!

Dust those clouds away… What are your favorite things?

© Renae Rossman and Candy Coated Reality™

58 thoughts on “MY Happy Place!

  1. So many wonderful things on your list, I have to say many of them would be favs of mine too, the cool breeze on a sunny day with the smell of fresh cut lawn in the air for me was yesterday, bliss.

    • Oh, now I’m jealous!! Living in downtown Cincinnati I very rarely get to experience the “fresh cut lawn” much anymore. It was fun to make this list… I hope others make one for themselves too!!

    • Yes, Joycelyn I couldn’t agree more!! My mom and I could get lost in a library or bookstore. For the longest time I would shop for and buy books… lots of books, then put them on a shelf and never read them. **sigh** That bad habit has since changed… I’ve made time to read!! Thanks for checking out Candy Coated Reality!! xo

  2. Oh, Amber (aka, The Smile Scavenger) you are better than me!! Unfortunately, I have no patience for crafts of any kind including scrapbooking. My sister loves anything crafty, DIY and scrapping too – I always laugh and say, “I have people for that kinda stuff!” Ha!! Enjoy your Happy Place 🙂

  3. I love this; it makes me happy! 🙂

    I post my own lists like this on my blog. They are my “Gratitude” posts because I don’t believe these wonderful little things should be taken for granted. I’m grateful for all things big or small that bring happiness into my life. 🙂
    Inspired by your post, I’m now going to write another gratitude post. Thank you!!

  4. Thanks, Kcoman!! Each blog is for me… as a reminder of lessons learned, things to be grateful for, etc… yet it brings me such joy when I hear my blogs also help others. I so appreciate your comment 🙂 Keep up your gratitude posts… can’t wait to read them!! xo!!

  5. Thank you for visiting my quotes post. I love this blog of yours. You have such beautiful happy places. My most memorable happy place goes with the saying “Ignorance Is Bliss”. When I was 8 years old and out with my Papaw on the farm, he and his helpers were fedding the pigs and cows. I stood on the fence by the pigs since I was told to “stay out of the way”. I picked up a stick and a pig was nearby. I poked him in the behind that had what looked like big pink rubber balls on it and it squealed like crazy, so I kept doing it and laughing at the pig. My papaw yelled at me and told me to “stop, you’re hurting the pig”. I asked why, and he said “you don’t ever poke at anyone’s jewels and that’s all you need to know.” At about the good old age of 30, I recalled the incident to someone and they told me you were hitting the poor pig’s testicles and that they sell them in stores. I made a trip to a local grocery store to see, picked up a pack and laughed myself to tears. LOL Needless to say I felt guilty and wished I could go back and apologize to the pig. It still is a happy moment for me because of the joy it brought hearing the pig squeal so melodiously. Mountain Oysters are one thing I will NEVER digest.

    • Ha! Ha! Ha! Your comment made me giggle!!! And yes “Ignorance can certainly be BLISS” Ha!! You have a very vivid memory!! Funny that your Papaw simply said, “You don’t ever poke at anyone’s jewels” – so funny 🙂 xo!!

      • Yes ma’am. All of my childhood memories were great which was a blessing which is easy to remember. At the age of 4 , my papaw taught me how to wirte and read. He always made me write things down so I would not forget. He said my brain ran as fast as my mouth. I share them with my grands and I see my “mischievousness” side in a fun way in them all. Be very blessed!- Shelia

  6. Gah! I LOVE this! It has reminded me of things I have totally forgotten about-all of which make me happy 🙂 Forehead kisses, smell of chlorine, kiddie laughter, and rom coms are some of my favs. Might need to add a few to my list of “Gotta love” on my blog. Keep being awesome-love reading your blog!

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