Slivers of broken pieces. Yes. We are all broken. Shattered.

Life happens. What matters is what you do with the pieces. Do you stare at all the slivers and wonder what happened? OR do you pick up the pieces and create a pretty decoupage piece of art?

Admittedly, I’m broken. I’m flawed. I’m challenged. I’m complex.

What internal tapes do you have playing in your head every day? Is it dark and grey in your head (negative)? Is it light and airy in your head (positive)?  Is it sunshine and rainbows in your head (optimistic)? Does this change from day to day? If you ask me… check with me again in 20 minutes and it will be different from earlier reported, Haaa!!

You must love yourself before you love another. By accepting yourself and fully being what you are, your simple presence can make others happy. No one person is perfect. We all have down days. Ewe-y days as I like to call them. It is okay. The trick is to NOT dwell on it and/or beat yourself up. We all have “off” days. Relax… enjoy the rest of the day and regain focus tomorrow!!

Give yourself permission to let loose today. It is no biggie.  You will encounter roadblocks, hurdles… and stumble sometimes as a result; however, remember (young sensei) these only make you STRONGER!! Take a day for you… Tomorrow will be a better day!!”

The MOST IMPORTANT relationship you will ever have in this lifetime is the one you have with yourself!! Communication is key to any successful relationship. The trick is to turn negative self talk into affirmations. Awareness is the first step to success… Positive affirmations will change your life.

Try this…

Every night before you go to bed, repeat this OUT LOUD: “I love me. I accept me. I am whole. I am worthy. I am lovely. I am perfect!” Before you know it, your negative internal tape will quiet and you will BELIEVE these words. Once you believe it… keep saying your mantra each night. There is power in repetition and consistency!!! Take pride in your gorgeous artwork!!

© Renae Rossman and Candy Coated Reality™

12 thoughts on “Shattered…

  1. Thank you, gbphoenix96!! Your timing is stellar because I was just considering deleting this post as my writing style has changed since I posted this earlier in the year. Your comment was just the validation I needed to NOT delete it. Thanks again!! Stop back anytime. xo!!

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