“You get what you give…”

Wise words my mother has repeatedly said to me over the years.  As a wee little one, I remember her saying, “Nae, you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar!” I’m sure that was upon some occasion, as rare as it may have been (ha!), when I chose to “show my ass” – who me? Yeah. Me. Both sayings mean pretty much the same thing and both are OHHH SO TRUE!!! One of many invaluable life lessons shared between mother and daughter.

Others say things like, “Karma will bite you in the ass!” or “Life is what you make it!” Not so sure about the whole Karma thing, but I do know this for sure… when I give my heart, spirit and soul to others, they tend to give all of themselves in return. These gifts are built upon trust and respect. Who is willing to give their heart to someone they do not trust, right?

Sure, there has been a time or two that I have held myself back. No one is perfect, eh? When I think of the times that I have resisted letting someone experience all of me, the real me, these were definitely some of the most tragic mistakes I could have ever made in my lifetime. There is no room for regrets in my life; however, you better believe those were pivotal points in my life.  Guess we all tend to learn the hard way.

Many of my friends and family tell me they admire my positivity. I guess I have earned my nicknames, “Sunshine” and “Smiley” and “Lucky” quite honestly over the years.  Some even say my words inspire them.  For that, I am grateful and humbled.  I’ve always believed in self-fulfilled prophecies. Meaning, if you think your life sucks, then it does! If you believe you have bad luck, then you do!! You are only as happy or healthy or what-ever-have-you as you believe yourself to be, right?  The mind is a super powerful and magnificent thing!!

Our thought process controls sooo much. If we can master the power of positive thinking, then life is truly our oyster… ours for the taking. Not to be naïve and all, but I do my best to find the silver-lining in most any/all situations. In my world, there is no other way to be… My life is certainly better lived with a GINORMOUS smile on my face.

I dunno… Maybe I’m a dreamer. Maybe I live in a fantasy world. But, hey my life is pretty cool.  I’m happy and comfortable in my fairytale.  Sunshine and rainbows aren’t that bad, you know. Gotta have the rain to experience the rainbow. One is never gonna live without something bad happening.  Embrace the bad and the good becomes sweeter.  It might even surprise you.  Don’t get me wrong, I have my down days… my “ick” days… but when push comes to shove, I bounce back pretty damn quickly.

Anyway you put it… life is way too short. We must carve out our bliss while on this earth. We must search out those willing to give of themselves in heart, spirit and soul. Those are the people who enrich our lives!!! Those are certainly the people I want in my corner. On my team.  And, that is certainly the teammate I aspire to be for others.

If my words and actions brighten another person’s world, then that is a life well lived in my book. And if along the way I get a piece of that in return too… well, then I consider those gifts an extra-added bonus.

Thanks, Mom!!! Love you

© Renae Rossman and Candy Coated Reality™

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